The eggid by modico®


The eggid eggstamp by modico® was originally developed for agricultural businesses to stamp quickly and easily the producer code on the freshly laid eggs. With the eggid eggstamp you neither need a separate ink pad nor need to touch the eggs for stamping.

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eggid revolutionises the stamping of eggs. With a rate of up to 7,000 eggs per hour, there is no faster way to stamp eggs manually. The egg stamp is designed in a way that there is neither the need of a separate ink pad, nor the need to touch the egg during stamping. Stamp easy, fast and safe whole palettes of eggs.

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The eggid egg stamp is suited for both stamping the producer codes and the marking of hatching eggs.

In the section "order now" you can put in your producer code and easily order your personal egg stamp online.

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Technical Information
  • up to 7,000 eggs per hour
  • integrated ink pad
  • approx. 20,000 imprints per ink filling
  • easily refillable
  • certified ink in green, red and black colour
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Technical Information
  • perfect imprint without touching the egg
  • up to 300,000 imprints per stamp
  • no maintenance costs
  • clean, simple and save
  • a lot cheaper than inkjet
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People say

"... the stamp has absolutely convinced me! The number is clearly readable, and the required time is not worth talking about! I can recommend the egg stamp to everyone with a clear conscience!"

Christina Lohner, Lohner Farm

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